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Detailed Resin Plastic

Our most economical and versatile material, Detailed Resin Plastic, have smooth surface detail and almost non-visible 3D print layer lines compared to other 3D printing materials. This material is the closest you can get to injected moulded surface quality and it is highly recommended for professional quality prototypes. It also produces high quality parts up to 70cm!

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SLA 3D Printing Transparent Bottle

Transparent Resin Plastic

The Transparent Resin Plastic is one of the most transparent 3D printing material available in the market. The surface texture and mechanical properties are similar to our Detailed Resin Plastic, but if you require your model to be transparent, this is your best pick! Do note that models with thicker walls may appear slightly blueish.

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Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing Service Malaysia

Nylon PA12 Plastic

This Nylon material comes in dyed black and will be post-processed to reduce its original granular texture. This material is extremely suitable for functional applications, and can be easily tapped and screwed, which is suitable for outdoor usage.

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FDM 3D Printing Malaysia Nylon CF Mount Photo

Nylon CF Plastic

This Nylon material is reinforced with chopped carbon fiber to increase the stiffness of the already tough and durable Nylon Plastic. A good complimentary material to our Functional Nylon (MJF) and better alternative to ABS Plastic for mid sized, basic geometry engineering prototypes. Not to mention, this material will give off a better surface appearance compared to standard FDM process.

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