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What Our Clients Say

All I can say, these guys did an excellent job with our Company Part Fabrication. Highly Recommend for Reliable and Quality fabrication! Great Work!

Manfred Chai

Very friendly and helpful staff. They are quick in responding and are very knowledgeable in terms of 3D printing materials. They are able to cater to and take into consideration the requests of the customers from different aspects. For example, they would ask if the material needs to have properties such as being heat resistant or smooth and are able to print out several 3D prints in a short period of time. Highly recommend this company. ūüôā

Hui En Clara Tan
Excellent quality and service. They were really knowledgeable about the different 3d printing techniques and were able to provide valuable suggestions to improve my work. Will definitely work with them again!
Yingqi Liaw

Good printing quality with the right execution that provides good customer service whenever 3D printing is on right tracking system.

Based on my unbiased review after using your service i’m greatly impressed by the spread of services that is provided in the service! Will look forward to benefit my organization with the venture.


The quotation given was absolutely reasonable compared to other printing companies I’ve approached.

Their service was outstanding, going the extra mile providing detailed explanations to whether which material was more suitable and the pros and cons of them just for my knowledge.

Even so, they kept me updated with the process of my product with prompt replies to my questions almost every time.

Marcus Pwa

Dealing with Zelta 3D was a choice well made from start till the end! I contacted them to 3D print a drone for a school project, and they actually gave really good advice about the structural and material concerns. Sound advice and prompt replies throughout made the transaction really smooth.

In addition, their prints are affordable yet of excellent quality. Detailing of surfaces and tiny parts were really well done. As I am printing the frame for a drone, exact fitting of various holes and parts was very important. When the prints arrived, I have to say I’m impressed. Even tiny 2mm holes were done exactly as I wanted them! The printing process was fast as well, and I received the items in good condition. I would definitely deal with Zelta 3D should I need to 3D print again!

Lim Shao Xuan

Zelta 3D guys are very communicative, sharply understand your requirements, offer clearly what they have and can or cannot do. They are very capable and help you choose a suitable material for your products. Product finesse is good, they delivery in time. Thanks Zelta 3D

Muneesh Maheshwari

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